JAUMO Dating App: Chat Flirt Reviews: 20 Reviews

JAUMO Dating App: Chat Flirt Reviews: 20 Reviews

Do you want a better dating experience?

>> More Singles. Simpler Flirting. Real Dating. A free dating app that really works? One where you can be yourself and find comfort in connecting with genuine singles? Then Jaumo is the right online dating service for you to mingle with attractive.

Also the amount of gorgeous women on there who match with me is astronomically highpared to Tinder and Bumble and other apps, that’s insanely different

It’s an okay app at best if it were an app just starting off. It seems like there are so many fake profiles on this app, like more fakes than real people. This app also seems to be at the bottom in the category of attractive girls. There don’t seem to be many decent choices of girls to swipe right on compared to other dating apps. But the main thing is if there was a way to verify yourself as an actual person and get rid of the fake and spam profiles then this app would be a lot better. Also, there needs to be something done about the in-app notification numbers. (Where it says who’s visited my profile and who’s swiped right on me, the numbers stay at 99+, even when I view them they don’t go away). Ads are also really annoying and constantly pop up.

I have yet to encounter one real female on this app. Almost every female on this app is in one of three locations “Florida, California and Texas”. There is not one woman in a radius anywhere within 50 miles close to my location. That’s a deal-breaker. Now the real crap is the women’s profiles show them as being in New Jersey or New York when they are across the country or in another country entirely. The fact that they are magazine worthy gorgeous and in another state and country and ask for money when I encounter them is a red flag that this app is a get it ontips breeding ground for catfish, identity theft, fraud and abuse by these predators. Jaumo is itself a huge red flag to me and I caution everything who uses it.

I’ve met several lovers on this app in the past, and had a couple more serious relationships come from it, but now it’s overrun with scammers. Rule of thumb: if a beautiful woman here wants your WhatsApp number, 99% of the time, you’re not talking to a real woman. It’s a scammer that wants your number to send you spam and phish for private information. There are some nice people on here, but use it with caution, and protect yourself. Jaumo support: please try to find a way to vet users better, because it’s very frustrating to keep meeting new people only to have to block and report them after a couple days.

I’ve always given y’all 5 stars and then because I was strolling thru the photos and didn’t stop and rate u at that given moment you gonna make me wait for over two minutes . That really bothered me guys!! I always have gave you 5 stars I just don’t know about this site anymore. U can kick me off here delete or block me and I will be just fine about that now .

Your site is good but there are a few problems. 1. Your live chat room. For some reason you guy put no emphasis on the live webcam chats of female doing nudity because there indications of rules. No matter how many you ban them, they still do it. I don’t have problem with that unless your trying to be like the other live webcam chat site we’re u inforce it so they won’t do it again. 2. Is the fake profile, you got to do something with those.

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