The latest apricot neurological investigation for every maturity phase is actually shown when you look at the Dining tables 2 and step three

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step 3.step one. Neurological Users

A significant variability are located ranging from sensory services linked to clones and you can readiness stages. One of apricot clones, high variations were seen amongst the analyzed variables with the exception of firmness, crunchiness, anger, astringency, and you will sourness on the M1 stage and skin cohesion, herbaceous scent, resentment, astringency, and you may acidity time and energy into the M2 stage. Christen ainsi que al. have reported that resentment and you may acidity time and effort prohibited recognize significantly anywhere between apricot varieties within the nerve measurements.

The latest evaluation from the committee professionals proved you to apricot clones on M2 stage got a functions to have fresh consumption by the higher intensities from trick services, specifically fruity preferences (nine.33) and sweetness (8.67) inserted getting “Cg dos.” From both maturity levels (M1 and you will M2), different activities was basically located, and other services membership was basically obtained on examined apricot clones. In fact, the fresh ripening got a marked affect this new sensory features from apricots. Brand new sensory an incredible number of lightness, body stiffness, hardness, resentment, astringency, herbaceous scent, crunchiness, sourness, and you can perseverance had been highest regarding the M1 stage for everyone apricot clones (Desk 2), if you are that from blush color, flesh color, juiciness, sweetness, apricot taste, fruity flavor, and you may flowery preferences was basically high regarding M2 stage (Table 3).

Blush color, skin hardness, fruity flavor, and sweetness were the attributes that best explain the difference between the studied clones (Figure 1)paring the results of both maturity stages, it was noticed that the M2 stage was the most appropriate stage for consumption of apricots compared to the commercial stage (M1). It has been characterized with high attributes of flavors and taste. It was, then, the best stage to show the qualitative potential of the studied apricot clones. Indeed, at the M2 stage, regarding flavor notes, all studied clones showed a good e profile was found for fruity flavor and a little different for floral flavor (<5) for “Boum A2,” “Agdez LG1,” and “Marouch 4.” Regarding sweetness, an evolution of this criteria with skin color has been noticed (except for “Boum A2”), knowing that red clones, especially “Cg 2” was the sweetest, followed by orange clones and pale-yellow ones. However, the opposite was observed for sourness note, knowing that the pale-yellow apricots were sourer while the “Cg 2” had low note. In addition, for all clones, the M1 stage was characterized by high levels of sourness comparing to M2.

One of several studied apricots, “Cg dos” is actually by far the most enjoyed duplicate, followed by “Marouch sixteen” and you may “Agdez C2” (Contour 2). These people were extremely aromatic, most stylish, together with a balanced amount of acidity and you can sweetness. But, generally speaking, nerve data ended up that most apricot clones is described as interesting high quality qualities and are generally befitting fresh usage. So it heterogeneity of the numerous neurological services may have its factors on the biochemical proprieties of the apricot fruit regarding genotype.

step three.2. Dissolvable Sugars and you will All-natural Acids Contents

The newest multivariate investigation indicated that, for both stages out-of readiness, dissolvable sugar and you may normal acids of ten apricot clones are rather more (

New sugar and all-natural acids belongings in brand new analyzed apricot clones are supplied in Contour step 3. The three identified soluble sugars of ounts out-of sucrose, glucose, and you will fructose relied into the clone and ripening stage. Sucrose is actually said as a main dissolvable glucose when you look at the apricot observed by the glucose and you can fructose [9, 12]. Ce Bourvellec et al. keeps said recently you to definitely sucrose try area of the glucose in fresh apricots between 37 in order to 77% FW of complete sugar, accompanied by sugar (13–33% FW) and you may fructose Adventist Dating Singles Dating-Seite (9–39% FW). Very comparable size have been observed to your 10 examined clones getting sucrose (29–89%), glucose (4–49%), and you may fructose (6–22%) based on clones and readiness amounts, the highest into the sucrose stuff as being the reasonable within the glucose and fructose contents. This new glucose concentrations is similar and you may very in accordance with other education [30–33] and therefore said attention between step 1.dos to 11.7 grams/one hundred g FW to possess sucrose, 0.six so you can 5.46 g/one hundred g FW to possess glucose, and you will of 0.step 1 to help you 4.42 grams/one hundred g FW to have fructose.

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